Empowering Youth of Promise through Education for 20 years
Empowering Youth of Promise through Education for 20 years

It is with sadness that we report that Legacy of Learning is closed.

Who We Help

At DreamCatcher’s Legacy of Learning we serve students who have fallen behind in their academic subjects and need help to catch up. Our programs can help students of all income levels including those needing a scholarship – low-income, developmentally delayed, and/or students and children of non-native English speaking families who may be at high risk of educational difficulty.

Most of our students struggle with higher order thinking skills, have low self-esteem, and suffer from repetitive cycles of failure. Each of our programs provides structured, personalized support to meet the needs of individual students in a variety of settings.

In the school year 2013-2014, twelve University of Colorado work-study teachers from the America Reads, America Counts program provided over 2800 hours of instruction to 36 students. 

If you are a parent whose child may benefit from our one-on-one educational services, please visit the PARENTS section of this website to find out more.