Student of the Month: Katherine Stone

Kate Stone is a nine year old who attends Ryan Elementary in Jefferson County. In just five months, Kate increased her Reading by 2.5 grade levels and one grade level in Spelling! She has interests in painting, software development, and being a paleontologist. Kate is such an attentive and focused student. She received an award… Continue Reading

More about Direct Instruction – Philosophy, Assumptions, Effectiveness

This was the largest and most expensive experiment in education funded by the U.S. federal government ever conducted. The most extensive evaluation of Follow Through data covers the years 1968-1977; however, the program continued to receive funding from the government until 1995.
Direct Instruction showed more significant gains than any other model examined. Kids learned better academic and problem-solving skills, and their self-esteem was raised through use of this teaching methodology. Continue Reading

The Data Show the Direct Instruction Teaching Method Really Works!

“If the child hasn’t learned, the teacher hasn’t taught.” That’s the philosophy behind Direct Instruction, an educational technique that challenges the mantras of modern bureaucrats and shows that even the most disadvantaged children can excel, if only schools will teach them. And the evidence for the success of Direct Instruction is much more than anecdotal: major long-term studies provide powerful evidence of its success, and disturbing evidence for the futility of the more popular techniques that dominate our schools. Continue Reading

Executive Function (or Dysfunction)

Does your child have problems with sustaining flexible, focused attention? Managing distractions and impulses? Prioritizing tasks? Planning and using time effectively? Taking and using notes? Preparing for tests? Managing motivation and energy levels? Regulating emotions? These are ways in which Executive Function issues (sometimes called “Executive Dysfunction”) show up in our children and create significant learning… Continue Reading

Direct Instruction Teaching Method Design and Organization

Direct Instruction (DI) is an explicit, intensive instructional method that allows students of all abilities to become confident, capable learners. For nearly 50 years, Direct Instruction has empowered teachers to deliver consistently high levels of instruction which results in exemplary student achievement. Using this research-proven, multi-sensory teaching method that is fast-paced and highly interactive, our… Continue Reading