Empowering Youth of Promise through Education for 20 years
Empowering Youth of Promise through Education for 20 years

It is with sadness that we report that Legacy of Learning is closed.

Teaching Methods

A-Thousand-Solutions-smallDirect Instruction

Simply put, Direct Instruction (DI) is a system of teaching.

The Direct Instruction method involves teaching precisely and enthusiastically from a tightly scripted curriculum. Children are given specific and small amounts of information to digest and each lesson provides built in review. Questions are asked to ensure understanding and corrections of any kind are done immediately, in a non-judgmental tone of voice. 

Unique Teaching Style

Direct Instruction programs are designed around not only a teaching method, but a complete system of strategies that have been proven to communicate and educate the learner with the most efficiency and effectiveness. These methods include:

  • Scripted Lesson Plans
  • Rapid-Paced Interaction with Students
  • Correcting Mistakes Immediately
  • Achievement-Based Grouping
  • Frequent Assessments

Direct Instruction is primarily for grades K-6 in course areas of spelling, reading, language arts, math, expressive writing, and science. There are also remedial programs for special education and adult education in corrective reading and corrective math. In addition to all levels of corrective reading and math, the remedial program includes critical thinking skills, study skills, spelling and writing.

Direct Instruction is the most researched model of education in our country, and has proven its efficacy in over 3,000 studies since 1970. Read more about the research here and here