Empowering Youth of Promise through Education for 20 years
Empowering Youth of Promise through Education for 20 years

It is with sadness that we report that Legacy of Learning is closed.

DreamCatcher’s Legacy of Learning
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100 Easy Lessons

Target Population: 4-6 year olds with no previous reading knowledge

100 Easy Lessons is a condensed, foundational program with simple and clear instructions to teach children the sound and name of each letter as well as many combination sounds. In 100 lessons (or about 30 instructional hours) the student will be at a solid second-grade reading level. The program is a sensible, easy-to-follow, and enjoyable way to help children gain the essential skills of reading.  

Horizons: Learning To Read (Fast Track A-B)

Target Population:   – Students in 1st grade who have knowledge of letter sounds and letter names

– Students who have completed 1st grade and are not yet reading

– Students in 2nd grade who are poor decoders 

Horizons is an innovative program that provides solid, systematic reading instruction, using proven Direct Instruction techniques. It is a developmental reading program for children who are entering first or second grade. It teaches decoding, basic comprehension and spelling skills, and is found on the Reading First approved curriculum list. 

Horizons: Learning To Read (Fast Track C-D)

Target Population:   – Early elementary students who start reading instruction later

– Students whose first language is not English

Horizons Fast Track C-D provides the solid structure and challenging materials that develop a strong vocabulary, multiple decoding skills, and world knowledge that allow students to understand, interpret, and use new information. At the completion of Horizons C-D, students typically place into fifth-grade level material.


Language for Learning

Target Population: – Grade Levels Pre-K – 2

– 5-7 year olds with below standard language knowledge

– Four- year old children in preschool programs

– Primary age children in bilingual/ESL/ELL programs

– Primary age children who are in Title 1 or Special Education programs. 

Language for Learning provides young learners with the knowledge and understanding of language they need to achieve proficiency and reading comprehension. This oral language program teaches children the words, concepts, and statements important to both oral and written language, and helps enable them to extend this knowledge to other areas of their development. Designed for kindergarten and primary age school children, as well as ELL learners, Language for Learning gives early students the essential tools and understanding to foster continued educational success.

Language for Thinking

Target Population: – Students Grade Levels 1 – 3 who need to build higher order thinking skills

Language for Thinking builds on the concepts, vocabulary, and statement patterns introduced in Language for Learning. This subsequent content, including making inferences, retelling accounts, and determining meanings of sentences, sets the stage for reading comprehension and the grammatical analysis of written language. 

Language for Writing

Target Population: – Grade Levels 2-5 who are learning to express themselves through writing

– Students beginning to be independent writers

– Primary students who have completed all or most of Language for Learning

– Any older elementary students who need extra support in structure and mechanics

This program not only teaches writing skills, but also the vocabulary, sentence, and organizational skills that underpin good writing. Ongoing exercises support the development of specific writing skills by showing students how to: write narratives, use specific words in context of writing and vocabulary, make precise comparisons, summarize and retell and proofread for punctuation, grammar, and usage. 

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